Hoosier Home and Garden, LLC &/or its affiliates reserve the right to charge an additional fee for known or unknown roots and debris at our posted labor rate. We understand there can be unexpected & unexplained issues that come up in our plans for landscaping. This is to ensure all parties understand that sometimes labor-intensive work may occur. The communication between Hoosier Home and Garden, LLC & their customers is essential. That being said, we rely on our installers to be able to assess any unexpected delay due to additional roots & debris. An effort will be made to make the customer aware at the time of installation.

The locations in which trees are expected to be installed must be marked in advance of the crew arriving. If not, the customer will be charge for the duration of the time in which the crew must wait.

An adjusted invoice would be emailed to customers & payment could be either paid in form of cash, check, or credit card.

Down Payment

If customer requests on-site consult from Hoosier Home and Garden, there is a $75 charge.

All sales are final. If you place a down payment and tag trees and then decide to cancel, there can be a return to stock or cancellation fee of a minimum 25% of the total order costs.


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