DIY & Wholesale Trees

We have a great selection of wholesale Indiana trees to choose from. Check out our container, balled & burlapped & potted trees for sale for the Do-it-yourselfer. Great selection of Arbs, Fruit Trees, River Birches, Red & Yellow Maple Trees and so much more! Stop on by the tree farm and get a head start on your spring landscape.

How You Can Buy Trees:

 Purchase Trees
  • Call 317.445.9369 and place your order.
  • Stop by the Farm at 5695 N. 200 W Lebanon, Indiana 46052 and place your order in person.
  • Email us at to place your order.
Note: This is not a conclusive list. We have additional wholesale options available. Call 317.445.9369 for more information.

Coming soon!7 Gallon Autumn Blaze Maple, $50 each picked up
7 Gallon Sun Valley Maple, $50 each picked up
10 gallon Legacy Sugar Maple, $85 picked up
7 gallon Tamukeyma Weeping Japanese Maple, $150 picked up
15 gallon Tamukeyma Weeping Japanese Maple, $185 picked up
15 Gallon Blood Good Red Empress Maple, $185 picked up
Fruit Trees15 Gallon Legacy Sugar Maple, $100 picked up, $175 installed
Fruit trees are $50 a piece, picked up, or 10/$420. (unless otherwise noted)15 Gallon Green Mtn. Sugar Maple, $100 picked up, $175 installed
Jonathan, Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Fuji Red Delicious Apple TreesPotted Trees
Ayers Pear TreeAll trees listed in this section are $39 a piece, picked up, unless otherwise noted. Price is for trees in a 3 Gallon Pot.
Kwanzan Cherry
Red Haven and Elberta PeachGinko
Clump Kousa Dogwood
Fruit PlantsCleveland Pear
All 1 gallon plants are 3/$25, or $10 each picked up.River Birch
BlackberryShrubs and Bushes
Canadice Fox GrapeAll 3 gallon pots of bushes and shrubs are 3/$75, or $30 each picked up. (unless otherwise noted)
Chandler Strawberries
RaspberriesBurning Bush
China Boy Holly
MiscellaneousChina Girl Holly
8-10 Clump River Birch, $150 picked up, $250 installedHyrdangeas
15 gallon Weeping Snow Fountain Cherry, $150 picked up, $240 installed
15 gallon weeping willow, $100 picked up, $150 installed3 Gallon or 15-18″ Boxwoods are now $45 each or 3/$120
15 gallon Eastern Red Bud, $100 picked up, $150 installed
15 gallon Forest Pansy Redbud, $60 picked up
7 gallon Tulip tree, $90 picked up