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Crimson Frost Birch

Crimson Frost Birch Tree Features

Renown for its unique, white bark, the Crimson Frost Birch tree is a unique Birch tree that retains a crimson colored leaf throughout the spring and summer. Combine that with the tree’s beautiful white bark, and you’ve got a highly desired tree.

Can tolerate wet soils and dry summers, but as a general rule of thumb, the Crimson Frost River Birch tree prefers ample amounts of water. Often chosen as a landscape tree because of it’s deep red leaves throughout summer and attractive cinnamon colored bark, the Crimson Frost Birch tree is a great choice for someone who likes the look of the River Birch, but wants something a little flashier.

Growth Rate: 2 ft per year
Mature Height: 30-35 ′
Mature Width: 20′

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