Category: Tree Care Tips

  • Fall Tree Care Tips

    Fall is an important time for trees. It’s the season when they prepare themselves for the harsh conditions of winter. Trees do this by going dormant, thereby rendering them less vulnerable to icy winds, cold temperatures, and potential snow and ice loads. We put together a list of helpful tips to guide you and your trees through […]

  • Our Tree Planting Process

    There are some prevalent misconceptions about how to plant a tree that is balled and burlapped. We leave the burlap intact when planting trees because it helps the root ball stay intact and helps keep the tree stable. If the tree rocks back and forth every time the wind blows, it will have a tough time […]

  • Fall Watering and Fertilizer

    We’ve reached that point of the year when it’s time to start prepping your trees for Winter and subsequently, Spring. In this week’s post, we address how to properly fertilize your tree and when to give your tree a deep soaking, so that it has all the nutrients it needs to flourish. Fertilization While well-established […]

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