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Bagged Ice Melt and Rock Salt  

Landscapers and Snow plow contractors don’t be caught without salt this year and scrambling for product and paying higher prices. Order now, save money and be prepared!

These Ice Melt and Rock Salt products will save you money because you will use product to achieve your desired goals–due to their efficiency.

MVP products are:
Pet safe Lawn and landscape safe
Non- tracking Concrete/Pavement safe

And They:

Melt faster – Leaves a residual brine behind for the next snow/ice event.
Actually work to the posted temp, NOT like other brands that dishonestly market their materials. We used these products ourselves on our plowing contracts and products worked immediately on coldest of days last winter!

1 pallet minimum/ 49 bags/ skid 50lb bags Bagged rock salt $5.25/bag
Bagged Ice Melt (-10F) $9.25/bag, 4-9 pallets @ $8.85/bag,
10 pallets @ $8.50/bag Bagged Super Ice Melt (-20F) $11.50/bag The Super Melt works nearly instantly.

Upon contact with the ground, ice turns to liquid water. Bulk and full Semi direct ship pricing available upon request.

Don’t delay, this cold weather is sticking around for some time to come.

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