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275 gallon totes or containers available.

Can be used for the following:
Biodiesel, Worm bin, Vermiculture
Recycling of any sort, dry good use, scrap metal
WVO, used automotive fluid, antifreeze, motor oil
pavement sealer, fertilizer, animal feed, livestock
outdoor storage, calf-hut


$ 120/ea for food grade (previously contained sugar based food products)
Non-food grade – Call 317.445.9369 for pricing.

275 gallon NON food grade IBC totes

We also have NON-food grade IBC with poly resin or waste oil previously in them–they are in excellent shape. $75 each for non-food grade totes.
*Bulk discounts available.

55 Gallon Food Grade Drums

Various liquid or syrup food products previously in them, current batch mostly tapioca syrup–but most are rinsed and washed out.
2″ bung with threaded cap with seal


100′s of uses, here are just a few:
Rainwater collection, portable water storage, maple syrup collection, aquaponics, livestock feed, feed trough, bird seed, etc.

Request More Info

Call 317.445.9369 to place your order today!
Bulk discounts available
many available.
Delivery available upon request.

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