[text_area page_id=”4082″ column=”12″ margintop=”20″ marginbottom=”20″]Here you’ll find our wholesale list pricing for some of the various flowers and perennials we carry.

Give us a call at 317.445.9369 if you have any questions.

All flowers and plants are 1 gallon, unless notated otherwise.

Click the inventory that is highlighted in green to see pictures and more detailed information.

More viewable items coming soon!
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” featured=”featured”]

Item Price
Achillea Cerise Queen $6.50
Aster Purple Dome $6.50
Astilbe Rheinland $6.50
Astilbe Vision in Pink $7.75
Astribe Bridal Veil $6.50
Buddleia Black Knight $6.50
Buddleia Pink Delight $6.50
Caryopteris First Choice $6.50
Coreopsis Verticillata $6.50
Dianthhus Firewitch $7.25
Dianthus Neon Star $7.25
Dicentra Spectabilis $7.25
Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry $6.50
Festuca Elijah Blue $7.25
Geranium Aspenglow $8.00
Happy Returns Daylily $6.50
Hemerocallis, Rosy Returns $6.50
Hemerocallis, Stella d’ Oro $6.50
Heuchera Amethyst Mist $7.25
Heuchera, Purple Palace $6.50
Hosta Albomarginata $8.00
Hosta Halcyon $7.25
Hosta Minuteman $8.00
Hosta Wide Brim $8.00

[/box_price][box_price page_id=”4082″ title=”Pricing Continued
” featured=”featured”]

Item Price
Hosta, Aureo Marginata $6.50
Hosta, Frances Williams $6.50
Hosta, Golden Tiara $6.50
Hosta, Sum & Substance $9.00
Iris ensata Royal Robes $7.25
Iris, Caesar’s Brother $6.50
Iris, Edith Wolford $9.00
Iris, Summer Olympics $9.00
Lavender Elegance Purple $7.25
Leucanthemum Becky $6.50
Leucanthemum Snowcap $6.50
Lilium orientale Casa Blanca $8.00
Lysimachia Goldi $6.50
Monarda Jacob Cline $6.50
Pennisteum Hameln $8.50
Penstemon Dark Towers $8.00
Perovskia Little Spire $8.00
Phlox, Emerald Blue $6.50
Phlox, Emerald Pink $6.50
Phlox, Snowflake $6.50
Redbeckia Prairie Sun $6.50
Salvia Blue Hill $6.50
Salvia Marcus $6.50
Salvia Sensation White $6.50
Sedum, Autumn Joy $6.50


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