[horizontal_tab page_id=”1676″ column=”12″][horizontal_tab_content page_id=”1676″ title=”Trees
“]Trees are our bread and butter. That’s what we specialize in. Need that Shade tree to plant in the front yard? Or how about those Spruces to block your neighbor? We take pride in having a large selection of premium quality trees at affordable prices. With close to 90 acres on our Tree Farm, there’s a good chance we grow whatever it is you’re looking for. Unlike other tree nurseries, we’re open to the public–so stop by some time and take a look at our selection. You won’t be disappointed.
[/horizontal_tab_content][horizontal_tab_content page_id=”1676″ title=”Bushes and Shrubs”]We offer a large variety of bushes and shrubs to choose from. Whether it be something for a privacy screen, or a decorative piece for your front yard, we’ve got you covered.[/horizontal_tab_content]

[horizontal_tab_content page_id=”1676″ title=”Flowers and Plants”]We have a great selection of perennials and annuals. Choose from lilies, double knockout roses, hostas, geraniums, phlox, hydrangeas, coral bells, mums and more. We even carry fruit plants. Choose from Northern Highbush Blueberries, Chandler Strawberries, Grapes, Blackberries and more![/horizontal_tab_content][horizontal_tab_content page_id=”1676″ title=”Mulch
“]We carry premium, dyed mulches in Red, Brown and Black. Get Mulch by the scoop or by the yard. We also have Brown organic mulch for sale.
[/horizontal_tab_content][horizontal_tab_content page_id=”1676″ title=”Totes
“]We now offer material storage containers that are as big as 275 Gallons! Head on over to our Totes page more specific information uses and pricing.
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