We install irrigation system solutions for Greater Indianapolis, Indiana residents and businesses. Why stand for hours to water your trees and plants? Just turn on your outside spigot and walk away with peace of mind knowing your landscape is getting the water it needs and getting it where it needs it. Why should I pay for a DDI (Direct Drip Irrigation)? No untangling, unreeling, heavy watering hoses No more time necessary than the time it takes to turn on the spigot DDI, is just that, direct! Gets the water right to the root source were it is–no watering the ground, grass, mulch, or areas outside the root area. Most efficient watering outside of mother nature, even more efficient than soaker hoses! Because DDI is direct, less watering is actually used per watering and less frequent watering is required.

Lower water bill

Less wear and tear on home water pump

$2.50/linear ft. @ 1-100ft.
$2.00/linear ft. @ 100-200ft
$1.50/linear ft. @ 200ft+
Irrigation Systems