[text_area page_id=”1778″ column=”12″ margintop=”20″ marginbottom=”20″]Need some landscaping  done in the Indianapolis area? How about some trees,
plants, bushes or shrubs to spruce up your lawn? You be the architect
and we’ll provide affordable lawn & garden products to give you the
most bang for your buck. We’ll come out to your house, survey your land
and make a recommendation, all for a non-refundable $50 fee. We provide
residential landscaping ideas, designs, materials, installations and
solutions. Employees at Hoosier Home and Garden have over 30 years
combined experience in the Green Industry. We pride ourselves on
creating visually appealing and functional landscapes. We take the time
to accurately customize a solution to fit your unique needs. If you want
to take it a step further, we offer additional landscaping services.
We’re priced to fit any budget, so stop by your local Indianapolis lawn
& garden company and let us help you.

We offer the following Landscape Services: (you can
pick and choose what works for you)
Bushes, Shrubs, Plants, Tree Installations, Mulch Beds, Installed
Drip Irrigation (applies to plants, shrubs, etc that we install)
Drainage Solutions, Weeding, Pruning, Fertilization.

317.445.9369 today to get started on creating that dream landscape
you’ve always wanted!

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