[text_area page_id=”4796″ column=”12″ margintop=”20″ marginbottom=”20″]Give your plantings that little bit extra to ensure their health and vitality. We carry bagged goods of all kinds that run the gamut of application from flowers, all the way up to mature trees.
From topsoil, to compost, to slow-release fertilizers, we’ve got it all!

Check out some of what we carry:

40lb Bagged Topsoil, 40lb Bagged Compost Manure, 40lb Bagged Mushroom Compost: $2.25 per bag or 3/$6.00

Flower and Vegetable Garden Soil, Tree and Shrub Garden Soil, White Play Sand: $3.50 per bag or 3/$10.00

Slow Release 12-6-6 Fertilizer: $35.00 per bag

Crabgrass Preventer 30-0-5: $16.00 per bag

Super 10-10-10: $10.00 per bag

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