We offer a variety of services in addition to tree installations. Need a landscape designed, or how about an irrigation system installed? We can plant your trees, design your landscapes, install your irrigation system and more! Ask how we can save you money with a great bundle package! Call 317.445.9369 for more details.

  • Landscaping
    Need some landscaping with your tree installation? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Go to our landscaping page and check out some of the work we do.
  • Irrigation
    We offer a Direct Drip Irrigation solution that is ideal for areas with multiple trees, or areas where trees are far away from a spigot.
  • Tree Removal
    Looking to have an unsightly tree or stump removed? Well, look no further. We can remove many trees and stumps by hand and for ones that are larger, we use a Skid Steer. What sets us apart from other tree removal companies is that we can save you money by having the same company: Remove your stumps and/or trees Install new trees for you Disclaimer: If your goal is to put in a new tree in place of old one, stump grinding will not allow you to put a new tree in the original location. Grinding only takes the stump up to 8″ below the surface and that is not sufficient for a newly planted tree.
  • Snow Removal
    Let’s face it. Indiana winters can be brutal. And not everyone is cut out to shovel snow. We provide snow removal services for the greater Hamilton county area. New this year, we’ve also added ice melt and rock products to our catalog. Best of all, we offer bulk discounts!