[text_area page_id=”2434″ column=”12″ margintop=”20″ marginbottom=”20″]Aside from the beautiful aesthetics trees provide, they serve multiple additional purposes. Trees are energy efficient, good for the environment and they help your homes re-sale value! Check out our tree facts infographic to learn something interesting information on how trees benefit us.

Energy Efficient

  • Properly positioned shade and evergreen trees can save you up to 50% on your air conditioning bill.
  • Evergreens act as a windbreak. And as such, if properly positioned can lower home heating bills up to 30% and have a significant effect on reducing snow drifts.

Environmentally Friendly

  • We know it’s painfully obvious, but it certainly bares mentioning. Trees produce oxygen. We need trees to sustain our livelihood.
  • Around 100 trees remove 53 tons of carbon dioxide per year, in addition to roughly 430 lbs of other pollutants.
  • Approximately 100 mature trees soak up about 139,000 gallon of rainwater, per year.
  • Not only do trees clean the air, but they also clean the soil, ridding it of harmful chemicals and pollutants.

Increased Property Value

  • Mature trees can add up to approximately 15% to property value. Some sites suggest values even higher, such as HGTV.
  • Evergreens and Arborvitaes act as a privacy screen, which helps keep that pesky neighbor out and increases your properties’ value.
  • On average, a tree will return at least 3 times the amount invested in it.

And these are just some of the ways trees help. To see some other useful ways tree help, click here.

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