Last Call for Ice Melt

[text_area page_id=”5096″ column=”12″ margintop=”20″ marginbottom=”20″]Full semi truck load (19 pallets, 49 to skid) of bagged -10 ice melt available to first customer with payment (prepay). Delivery will be Wednesday (2-12-14) or Thursday (2-13-14).

$9.75/bag semi price, 931 bags on a semi- if pallets hit the ground at our yard, it will be significantly more per bag.
This will most likely be the last truck load of Ice Melt we’ll see this season and probably the last chance for a lot of folks to have this year. We only have this available because we ordered it almost 3 wks ago.

-concrete, pavement, lawn, plant and pet safe

-dyed blue for tracking of application

-calcium chloride and mag chloride

-50# bags

-Good down to a “true”(-10) degrees

-will not track into buildings if applied in proper amounts.

Won’t last long, so contact us to make sure you get through this last stretch of winter safely.
Rock salt semis and full load pricing available, too

Call 317.445.9369

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