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Hoosier Home and Garden, LLC or its affiliates will guarantee its trees for a period no longer than 1 year from the date of installation performed by Hoosier Home and Garden, LLC, only upon purchase of warranty and no warranty is intact or implied—unless otherwise noted or specified. With purchase of 1 year warranty, only the original tree is guaranteed, and any replacements of original purchases will not be guaranteed. Hoosier Home and Garden, LLC Terms of Purchase/Limited Guarantee is a monetary value guarantee, meaning that if you purchased a tree for a specific dollar amount and the tree dies before 1 year and you are granted a replacement, then Hoosier Home and Garden, LLC will replace that tree with a tree of equal or lesser value. No money can or will be refunded for trees under warranty or beyond guarantee, all sales are final. Since we cannot guarantee future availability of tree variety and size, an alternative replacement tree may be offered to you and depending on current value and size, future purchase credits may be issued. Hoosier Home and Garden, LLC Terms of Purchase/Limited Guarantee is non-transferable, only the original purchaser can have a guaranteed tree replaced. Annuals, perennials, rose bushes, vegetable plants, or flowers of any sort are not covered by this guarantee, unless otherwise noted. A Terms of Purchase/Limited Guarantee can be purchased for 40% the cost of the tree or plant for Cash and Carry items, and 40% of the cost on installed items, but not covered otherwise. A minimum of $75.00 trip cost will be charged for any replacement.

The following are not covered by our Terms of Purchase/Limited Guarantee:

-Acts of Nature or Weather including but not exclusive to winter kill, snow load, (heavy, wet snow) as as well as wind, hail, storm damage, insects, or any wild animals, pets etc.
-Acts of Man such as mowing, trimming, plowing, digging or any type of property management equipment and/or human error.
-Damage from weed control or fertilizer chemicals.
-Future Appearance of the tree or plant material.
-Leaning trees or claims of improper plantings or placements.

The original invoice balance is due at the time of installation. If the original balance is paid in full, or the installation is complete and/or no claims are made within 24 hours of installation completion, then it is assumed that the customer is satisfied with all aspects of the installation and plant material. Customers are responsible for any unpaid portion of the invoice on the date of installation and a fee of 2% per 30 days or 18% per annum may be assessed to unpaid balances. A minimum $500 fee plus any additional legal fees will be assessed to any credit card chargebacks. Customers waive rights to a credit card chargebacks as products are sold as is and all sales are final.  Customers are responsible for having underground utilities marked before installation and will assume any costs of damage to unmarked or incorrectly marked utilities including irrigation and non-public underground utilities of any kind. Customers are responsible for placement of tree and plant material. Hoosier Home and Garden, LLC can help with placement, but customers must first approve of planting location.

*Installations do not include staking unless requested by customer, in which case a minimum charge of $50 per tree will be applied to the balance. For more information, please see our staking policy. Hoosier Home and Garden LLC is not responsible for leaning trees and a minimum trip charge of $100 will be charged for each trip required.

Hoosier Home and Garden, LLC Terms of Purchase/Limited Guarantee can be voided for any reason deemed necessary by our Claims Department. Our Terms of Purchase/Limited Guarantee assumes that customers have followed the proper care steps to maintain a living and healthy tree or plant. Watering and fertilizing only as needed in the proper increments. Replacements can only be granted or performed if the original balance is paid in full and the customer agrees to the minimum trip cost, plus any applicable fees. Furthermore, Hoosier Home and Garden customers acknowledge that if tree pricing is higher now, customer owes the balance between original tree purchase price and current market value.

Any watering/fertilization or care program used by a Hoosier Home and Garden customer other than any program prescribed by our tree care page on our website will be considered invalid and could automatically void the limited guarantee.

If a Hoosier Home and Garden customer has a concern about a tree or plant material, it is expected that said customer will be diligently proactive in informing Hoosier Home and Garden. For best results, send email with accompanying pictures and accurate description of issue/issues within the timeframe of the guarantee.


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