Trees to Buy

[text_area page_id=”4563″ column=”12″ margintop=”20″ marginbottom=”20″]Don’t know what trees to buy this Fall? Read on to see which trees will be best for your situation.

Trees come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Each tree has its own unique benefits that it brings. and if you’re struggling with what tree is right for you, we’ll help guide
you through and pair you with the solution to your needs.

Shade and/or Fast Growing Trees
Sugar Maple

If you’re looking to provide shade for your home, then we recommend going with a Shade tree. It’s hard to go wrong
with a Maple, but there are plenty of other options to choose from. Pear trees will have a beautiful white bloom in the Spring and are commonly used to line driveways. River
Birches are often planted as accent trees on the corner of homes due to their relatively shallow roots systems and they offer a unique, papery bark that makes the tree stand out.

Windbreak and/or Privacy Screen

Privacy hedges are vital to many urban areas and residential yards. They can provide a barrier to block out unwanted sights
and sounds. And, a privacy hedge is more affordable than an actual fence, and can be just as effective.

Evergreens and Arbs are the way to go here. If you have larger ground to cover, White Pines will grow the fastest while Norway Spruce will be about a foot behind them and are hardier and denser.

Often used in residential settings, the Emerald Green Arbs provide a pyramidal, tightly shaped hedge that is ideal for someone
seeking a uniform looking barrier. Techny arbs are wider and cover more ground laterally than the Emerald Greens. But, the trade off is that they don’t retain quite as tight of a shape.

Green Giant Arbs are the fastest growing arbs we carry, and if you’re trying to marry price and fast growth, these are your best
bet. They can get up to around 35 feet tall, at a growth rate of 3 feet a year. Like the techny arbs, they aren’t going to have
as tight of a shape (naturally) than the Emerald Green Arbs, but there growth rate is what sets them apart.

Ornamental Tree/Accent Tree

Often times, just looking to add something to tie your landscape together, or to provide that perfect frame to the entryway.

Whatever the case, we have what you need. Our selection of Japanese Maples is top-notch. Choose from over 4 different varieties! Or how about some weeping cherry trees? Their shape and color make these trees a popular choice.

For the bird lover, we recommend going with a crabapple. The fruits of crabapple trees are known to attract birds even into the
Winter months.

Still looking for trees to buy that we didn’t mention? We’ve barely even scratched the surface and we have an expansive inventory.

Whatever your outdoor need, contact us today.

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