Watering Trees

We’ve hit a dry spell as of late and with that in mind, we want to stress the importance of regularly checking on and watering your trees.

Each tree is different and the amount of water needed varies upon variety and age, but we’ve compiled a list of general information that can be applied to whatever situation you’re in.

  • Young trees planted within the last 1-2 years should be checked at least 2-3 times a week during a dry spell.
  • Trees should be watered early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid evaporation.
  • A soaker hose with a slow, steady drip works best.  A sprinkler can be used also. If possible, the water should be dispersed at the drip line.
  • Deep watering is the most desirable form of watering. If possible, implement a slow drip or flow that saturates down deep into the soil 5 – 6 inches.

If we’ve installed drip-irrigation lines for you, check the the drip pins. Over time, (especially with rusty water) minerals can build up and cause a blockage.

The first two 1-3 years after a tree is transplanted are crucial to its survival. And each tree will have its own needs. For example, Honeylocust and Spruce like the soil more arid and dry, while Willows and River Birches can handle ample amounts of water. All in all though, no general recommendation will take the place of manually checking your tree’s soil. This is the best way we know how to get an accurate reading. If you need a refresher on what exactly that entails, visit our tree care page.

Trees We Carry

Most, if not all of the trees we carry come either balled and burlapped or in potted containers. We’ve briefly touched upon why watering is so crucial to each one. Please read below to see more.

Balled and Burlapped
B & B trees go through an adaptation period because half of their roots are taken out. It goes without saying that it takes time for the roots to begin growing again, and without the proper moisture to do so, the tree’s growth can be stifled, and stopped altogether.

Container trees dry out faster than B&B trees because their roots are contained in such a confined space.

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