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Trees Installed in MidwestAlthough we’re located in the Indianapolis metro area, we don’t limit ourselves to that geographical region. We’ll travel anywhere in Indiana to plant trees. We’ve even traveled to Michigan and Kentucky before. Right now, we’re doing a tree planting job of over 50 Spruce and Evergreen Trees in Illinois. Also, most companies will charge you a trip charge, regardless of your proximity to the company. At Hoosier Home and Garden, we only charge a trip charge on installed work if your location is greater than 50 miles away from our headquarters.

And if you didn’t know, we’re open to the public. Come by the farm and pick out the trees you want. What other Indiana tree nursery offers that kind of transparency?

Stop by the farm today:
5695 N. 200 W
Lebanon, Indiana 46052

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Hoosier Home and Garden is your destination tree farm, nursery and all-in-one garden center in the Greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. Priced right to fit any budget, we offer a 1 year guarantee with our installs. High quality work and no hassle. Call 317.445.9369, or stop by the farm today to see how we can provide a solution to fit your needs.

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