Author: Hoosier Home & Garden

  • Late Spring Season for Trees

    As Hoosiers, we’ve come to understand that the weather can be a little unpredictable in this part of the world. This year has been no exception. We’re experiencing a later Spring than normal due to colder than normal temperatures in January – March. As such, certain tree varieties are budding slower than others and newly transplanted […]

  • Emerald Ash Borer

    From time to time, we’ll get asked if we sell Ash Trees. And while we’d love to be able to provide Ash Trees to the public, the risk with the emerald ash borer (EAB) is simply too great. That being said, we wanted to share some general information, as well as the latest news about […]

  • Choosing the Right Tree

    A healthy tree begins with giving the tree the best chance of survival. And that comes with planning, understanding your environment, and some tender love and care. (For Tree Care Tips, click here.) Before we dive in, check out the Hardiness Zone Map below to see what trees will thrive in your area. Once you […]

  • Fall Tree Care Tips

    Fall is an important time for trees. It’s the season when they prepare themselves for the harsh conditions of winter. Trees do this by going dormant, thereby rendering them less vulnerable to icy winds, cold temperatures, and potential snow and ice loads. We put together a list of helpful tips to guide you and your trees through […]

  • Evergreen Inventory Reduction Sale

    We have a great selection of Grade B Evergreens ranging from B+ to B- quality to choose from. Varieties include: Norway Spruce, Concolor Firs, Assorted Arborvitaes, Colorado Blue Spruce and more! There is nothing structurally wrong with these trees, they just happen to have a blemish here and there. If given the proper tlc, they’ll […]

  • Our Tree Planting Process

    There are some prevalent misconceptions about how to plant a tree that is balled and burlapped. We leave the burlap intact when planting trees because it helps the root ball stay intact and helps keep the tree stable. If the tree rocks back and forth every time the wind blows, it will have a tough time […]

  • Earth Day Fun Facts

    Earth Day is a day where we acknowledge the beauty and fragility of our planet and pledge (hopefully) to make the 3rd rock from the Sun a prosperous environment for future generations to come. So, without further ado, we decided to put together a list of fun facts about Earth Day. If You Ain’t First, You’re […]

  • GMO Heirloom Seeds

    [text_area page_id=”5214″ column=”12″ margintop=”20″ marginbottom=”20″] We have more than trees! Check out our organic, GMO free Heirloom seeds available for your garden. They are $2.00 per seed packet. Stop in today to pick out yours! [/text_area]

  • HHG Opening Up for 2014 Season

    Hoosier Home and Garden Opening Up 2013 is in the books and we want to thank everyone who made last year so great! On that note, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be opening up shop for the Spring season this weekend. We’re coming back, bigger and better than ever. That means more stock and […]

  • Last Call for Ice Melt

    [text_area page_id=”5096″ column=”12″ margintop=”20″ marginbottom=”20″]Full semi truck load (19 pallets, 49 to skid) of bagged -10 ice melt available to first customer with payment (prepay). Delivery will be Wednesday (2-12-14) or Thursday (2-13-14). $9.75/bag semi price, 931 bags on a semi- if pallets hit the ground at our yard, it will be significantly more per bag. […]

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